At Ring Five we move beyond traditional one-size fits all dissemination and marketing tactics and unearth the very specific strengths of your film as they relate to making change. We ask the essential but often overlooked question “what exactly do you want your film to do!”

From these answers we determine how to best reach the influencers, community groups, institutions and individuals who are natural ambassadors for your film--your core audience and key partners. And, next, we map out how to move beyond the core to engage decision-makers and stakeholders who are tougher to reach but essential for meeting your impact goals for change.

We insert your film wherever it needs to be seen--church basements, high-school gyms, professional conferences, book clubs, emergency shelters, law schools, community centers, corporate board rooms.

We develop straightforward change tactics and calls-to-action that move your audience from passive to active. We are never afraid to get creative!

With a focused yet flexible impact strategy in place, Ring Five can generate grassroots demand for your film, tapping into distribution revenue that is often ignored. Our personalized, well-researched, and targeted outreach translates to more community screening licenses, and more institutional and individual copies sold.

Our focus is on excellently-crafted films, and stories that are specifically important to Canadians and the Canadian context. Ring Five is here to help filmmakers in a little or big way depending on your needs and wants.  

strategic planning

Book us for a full-day working session where we will establish impact goals and objectives for your film. Together we’ll map out an impact campaign framework including identification of target audiences, key partners, engagement tactics, and calls to action.  We’ll also determine timelines and the human and financial resources required to support the impact campaign’s success.

Audience Engagement & Experiences

Ring Five can lead a regular and meaningful social media conversation around your film’s impact journey designed to find new support and engage existing allies. We love to create live audience experiences and design special events around your film including private screenings, guest speakers, panel discussions and other innovative value-adds.

Impact Funding 

We have strong expertise to help secure financial partners for your film’s impact work by taking on funder research and cultivation, proposal and grant writing, or leading a powerful crowdfunding campaign. We will open doors and put your film on the radar of institutions, influencers and individuals who can provide both leverage and direct assistance.

Communication & Marketing

We seek pr + media opportunities for your campaign and put an evaluation framework in place that leads to a final impact report. A film website is an essential impact tool and we can ensure it is effective from start to finish. Ring Five develops helpful collateral materials like discussion guides, resources links, screening host kits, posters, postcards, and fact sheets. 

Impact Partnerships 

Ring Five plays the role of connector and champion forging strong relationships with groups who share your films goals for change. We bring foundations, charities, professional associations, non-profits, and community organizations onboard to host events, help with outreach, provide resources and action tools. We specialize in win-win propositions.

DIY Distribtion: Sales & Bookings

We dig deep and reach out with a personalized approach to unearth all the potential buyers and bookers of your film. Ring Five handles order fulfilment and licenses for community, semi-theatrical, institutional and educational screenings; and can negotiate festival and filmmaker appearance fees. Ring Five works on a fee for service basis.