Impact Campaigns

An impact campaign is any time-focused initiative strategically employing your film as an instrument for social change. A campaign can be implemented at any time during a film’s release. Ideally, it is designed early on as an integrated part of a larger distribution strategy.


Ring Five can work with you to develop an impact campaign framework and roadmap for your film. Your campaign strategy should identify: impact goals, engagement tactics, key partners, target audiences, proposed activities and events, calls to action, evaluation system, and the necessary budget and team required.


We write grants, prepare proposals, create pitch documents and form partnership agreements with non-profits, foundations, corporations, institutions, and influencers. Ring Five can research and cultivate relationships with potential funders and partners for your campaign by connecting your film to groups that share similar goals for social change.


Special Screenings

We plan premiere screenings, screening tours, influencer screenings and screening initiatives in schools, hospitals, community centers, churches, parks, professional conferences and other non-traditional venues. We can curate post screening panel discussions, book filmmaker speaking engagements, find event venues and hire event support teams.

Outreach + Social Media

Ring Five will research and develop outreach lists based on the target audience segments articulated for a campaign. We write, design and schedule e-bulletins featuring campaign news and can assign a social media expert to manage your film’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts building your paid and organic reach.

Evaluation + Impact Reports

Measuring your impact is important. Ring Five can develop an evaluation framework for your campaign and design tools like online surveys. We gather data, like testimonials, and track audience numbers and participation in calls to action. We can then write, design, and deliver an impact report to showcase your film’s success.

Campaign Collateral

Ring Five can design and build your film’s website and social media assets. We can create promotional materials like posters, postcards, buttons and generate educational/informational materials like discussion guides, educators’ guides, screening host tool kits, and fact sheets.

Community Distribution

Impact campaigns inspire independent screening requests that need to be managed and fulfilled. Ring Five can handle all sales and licensing for community, institutional and educational screenings on your behalf. Beyond fulfilling requests, we will develop and execute a sales plan to unearth new potential buyers and users of your film.


Jackie Garrow is available for short term consultations on an hourly basis. Meet with her in person or by phone. Email or call 647-404-7217.



Ring Five creates strategic impact campaigns designed to maximize your documentary’s potential to reach and motivate audiences and inspire lasting and meaningful social change.



Our company name, Ring Five, was inspired by a dimensions of impact model created by the Fledging Fund.